Spike Lee to Receive the 20th Annual Dorothy and Lillian Gish Prize

The Gish Prize Trust today announced that director, producer, writer, actor and master teacher Spike Lee has been selected to receive the 20th annual Dorothy and Lillian Gish Prize, given as a legacy from the legendary film and stage actresses.
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Spike Lee

Dorothy & Lillian Gish Prize

Established in 1994 through the will of the legendary actress Lillian Gish, the Dorothy and Lillian Gish Prize is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious honors given to artists in the United States and bears one of the largest cash awards, currently valued at approximately $300,000.
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“It is my desire that the prize be awarded to a man or woman who has made an outstanding contribution to the beauty of the world and to mankind’s enjoyment and understanding of life.”
—Lillian Gish